Welcome back to the 2017 Vanquisher Cup!

We will be holding the Vanquisher Cup at the Highland Curling Club on December 16 and 17. Some changes have been made to the format – notably lists are capped at 1500 points and may only include a maximum of 3 detachments and 1 Lord of War (excepting knights).

Tournament Rules package:
The rules package for this tournament can be found here.

To sign up, check out our facebook event here, or email contact.pegasus.gulf@gmail.com 


  1. Alexander Buchan – list
  2. Cameron Carrier – list
  3. Nathan Sgrazzuti – list
  4. Ryan Mandryk – list
  5. Cauldin Kyle – list
  6. Casey Stengler – list
  7. Anthony Richardson – list
  8. Sean Hooper – list


Round 1 Losses
Cameron Carrier (vs Cauldin Kyle)
Sean Hooper (vs Nathan Sgrazzuti)
Casey Stengler (vs Alexander Buchan)
Anthony Richardson (vs Ryan Mandryk)

Round 2 Losses
Cauldin Kyle (vs Nathan Sgrazzutti)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Alexander Buchan)
Round 2 Eliminations
Cameron Carrier (vs Sean Hooper)
Casey Stengler (vs Anthony Richardson)

Round 3 Losses
Alexander Buchan (vs Nathan Sgrazutti)
Round 3 Eliminations
Cauldin Kyle (vs Anthony Richardson)
Sean Hooper (vs Ryan Mandryk)

Round 4 Elimination
Ryan Mandryk (vs Anthony Richardson)

Round 5 Elimination
Anthony Richardson (vs Alexander Buchan)

Round 6 Loss (finals round 1)
Nathan Sgrazzutti (vs Alexander Buchan)

Round 7 Elimination (finals round 2)
Alexander Buchan (vs Nathan Sgrazzutti)


Congrats to Nathan Sgrazzutti for surviving the Vanquisher Cup, with his army “Turn One Charge or Bust”

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