Heavesnreach is under siege!

This spring in Regina, starting Feburary 18, the Pegasus Gulf undergoes its seventh and penultimate major campaign!

To join up, check out our facebook group here!

The campaign will be set in the Imperium’s largest star system, during the siege of the fortress world of Heavensreach. As titanic forces struggle to control the Gulf once and for all, will you join the Imperium, the stalwart defenders of humanities last bastion in the gulf, or will you join those forces who seek to crush humanity?

This is a map campaign where your games directly affect the success of the siege. All you have to do is choose a faction (Imperium or Non-Imperium) when you sign up, and then report your games to support the war effort!

Full rules for the campaign can be found here.


For those of you who are new to the Gulf, the Pegasus Gulf is a sub-setting of Warhammer 40,000 that our club has been working on since 2013. We have using the Pegasus Gulf setting for our wargaming narratives and our role playing games. It is a setting that is near and dear to our hearts. Anyone who participates in the campaign and is free to contribute to the evolving story, provided they stick to a few ground rules.

A good place to start is to read through the timeline on the blog and check out some of the stories that have already been written for previous campaigns. We also urge you to ask for suggestions or make proposals to long time community members to see what they think. We like talking about this stuff.

If you wish your narrative contributions to become canon, please work with us to figure out how “your dudes” jive with “our dudes” in this little corner of space. In general though, the “rules” for writing tales and events that will be considered for official canon are subject to:

1. Original characters only.
2. No killing or damaging other players characters without consulting them.
3. No major moving and shaking of the setting without consulting the story directors.
4. Subject to revision by the story directors.
5. Must fit within the pre-established framework of the Gulf outlined in the wiki and previous campaign documents.

But meeting that framework is no guarantee of acceptance as canon. It sounds harsh but I’m sure you get it.

By no means is story contributing a mandatory venture; you are always free to ignore the story side or headcanon and play the campaign games for fun!


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