Today we had a great day of gaming up in Saskatoon at Dragon’s Den! Our hosts put on a fun tournament with generous prizes and a great attitude!

The tournament was Swiss Round Robin, with points for painting and victories! A number of the Regina players made a good account for themselves, and one even walked away with the prize for Best Overall!

It was a fun weekend away from home. It’s always good to see some new faces, play against some new armies, and trade hobby tips across the province. We hope to play up north again soon, and hope to host them at our own upcoming tournaments!

Look below for some photos of the event!


“For there is no folly of the xenos of this galaxy which is not infinitely outdone by the heresy of men.”

– Hermanus Melvillian – Ancient Terran Scribe

For centuries legends were spoken of the Dread Captain Blacksquig and his kustom Kill Kroozer, the Red Orktober. In the darkest taverns of the most backwater worlds, Rogue Traders would whisper about his terrible violence. In the highest spires of the void shielded hive worlds, mothers would warn their children with tales of his cruelty. Even in the ascetic wraithbone palaces of the Eldar, the pupils of the crèche are frightened with the emotions of his rampage.

Departing the endless war of the Pegasus Gulf, Privateer Captain Haab has brought his crew to hunt this beast. Seeking knowledge of the White Wraithknight of Tempest who smashed his leg and decimated his crew, Haab seeks to destroy the Red Orktober and Capture Captain Blacksquig. His constant crusade has driven him into a maddened and depraved state, pushed still to further depths of insanity by his zealous and utterly devoted crew.

Emperor protect those foolish enough to stand in their way . . .


“The Church of Ghazghkull”
“Charging Through The Jungle”
“The Faithful Manticore”
“Talons From Below”
“The High Way”

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