This Summer we hosted the Lone Wolf Summer Cup at Tramps Comics and Games. It was held on the weekend of June 24-25.

The Lone Wolf was a 1500 point restricted swiss-style singles tournament.

Tournament Rules package:
The rules package for this tournament can be found here

Participants and Lists

  1. Alexander Buchan – List
  2. Ryan Mandryk – List
  3. Cauldin Kyle – List
  4. Sean Hooper – List
  5. Justin Scherban – List
  6. James Mili – List
  7. Brandon Wallace – List
  8. Erik Magnuson – List
  9. Thomas Falman – List
  10. Casey Wood – List
  11. Tyler Hutchinson – List
  12. Casey Stengler – List
  13. Cameron Carrier – List
  14. Tanner Wallace – List

The Results

Round 1 Victories
Alexander Buchan (vs Erik Magnuson)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Thomas Falman)
Cauldin Kyle (vs Casey Wood)
Sean Hooper (vs Tyler Hutchinson)
Justin Scherban (vs Casey Stengler)
Cameron Carrier (vs James Mili)
Brandon Wallace (vs Tanner Wallace)

Round 2 Victories
Casey Stengler (vs Casey Wood)
Tanner Wallace (vs Thomas Falman)
Tyler Hutchinson (vs James Mili)
Erik Magnuson (vs Cameron Carrer)
Cauldin Kyle (vs Brandon Wallace)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Justin Scherban)
Sean Hooper (vs Alexander Buchan)

Round 3 Victories
Tyler Hutchinson (vs Erik Magnuson)
Cameron Carrier (vs Brandon Wallace)
Alexander Buchan (vs Casey Stengler)
James Mili (vs Tanner Wallace)
Sean Hooper (vs Justin Scherban)
Thomas Falman (vs Casey Wood)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Cauldin Kyle)

Round 4 Victories
Erik Magnuson (vs Brandon Wallace)
Casey Stengler (vs James Mili)
Justin Scherban (vs Thomas Falman)
Casey Wood (vs Tanner Wallace)
Cameron Carrier (vs Cauldin Kyle)
Alexander Buchan (vs Tyler Hutchinson)
Sean Hooper (vs Ryan Mandryk)

Round 5 Victories
Justin Scherban (vs Erik Magnuson)
Cauldin Kyle (vs Alexander Buchan)
Casey Stengler (vs Tanner Wallace)
Thomas Falman (vs James Mili)
Brandon Wallace (vs Casey Wood)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Tyler Hutchinson)
Cameron Carrier (vs Sean Hooper)

1st place: Ryan Mandryk
2nd place: Cameron Carrier
3rd place: Sean Hooper
Cauldin Kyle
Alexander Buchan
Justin Scherban
Casey Stengler
Erik Magnuson
Tyler Hutchinson
Thomas Falman
Brandon Wallace
Casey Wood
James Mili
Tanner Wallace

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