This Summer marks our second annual Lone Wolf summer cup. This tournament will be held the weekend of June 23rd and 24th.

The Lone Wolf was a 1500 point restricted swiss-style singles tournament.

To sign up, contact us at

Tournament Rules package:
The rules package for this tournament can be found here

Participants and Lists

  1. Ed Ratcliffe
  2. Cauldin Kyle
  3. Logan Antonation
  4. Anthony Richardson
  5. Jon Kilcullen
  6. Keith Hall
  7. Casey Stengler
  8. Alexander Buchan
  9. Cameron Carrier
  10. Zach Perras
  11. Noah Perras
  12. Justin Scherban
  13. Ryan Mandryk
  14. Austin Banilevic
  15. Matt Dushnisky
  16. Drake Coulter

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