We are proud to announce the victors of our annual Battle Brothers Fall Cup.

Last weekend, Nathan and Ryan beat the odds and the competition to claim first place! Their team, named “2 Armies 1 Fall Cup” swept the competition in some tight and close-cut games. Making heavy use of the alpha strike tactics available in 8th Edition’s new ruleset, their armies were complementary, bringing lots of special weapons and handy re-rolls.

Below is a look at their armies! If you are curious about how the tournament was organized, you can find the ruleset here.


Nathan brought out the “The Boys in Blue” – a fast and professional Scions list.

Nathan’s list focused on special weapons and the Taurox, hitting the enemy hard before they can react!

Ryan brought down “Ryan Mandryks army for kids who cant play Warhammer good, and who wanna do other stuff good too”.

Ryan’s list relied heavily on characters and fliers, making good use of 8th edition’s character abilities.


If you’re keen to join in our next tournament, stay tuned! The Vanquisher Cup will return in December.

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