This spring was the first rendition of the “Freeblade” cup at Tramps Comics and Games.
As opposed to the constant format of our other seasonal tournaments, The Freeblade cup will be our rotational slot, with its format changing each year, and generally will be a more relaxed format.

Tournament Rules package:
The rules package for this tournament can be found here

Participants and Lists

  1. Anthony Richardson – List
  2. Brandon Scott Wallace – List
  3. Cameron Carrier – List
  4. Cauldin Kyle – List
  5. Chris Furguson – List
  6. Drake Coulter – List
  7. Dustin Salminen – List
  8. Eirk Magnuson – List
  9. Ethan Novak – List
  10. James Mili – List
  11. Jim Patrick Woodcock – List
  12. Justin Scherban – List
  13. Ryan Mandryk – List
  14. Sean Hooper – List
  15. Tanner Wallace – List
  16. William Nadurak – List

The Teams

Team 1: Sean Hooper and Ethan Novak
Team 2: James Mili and Tanner Wallace
Team 3: Chris Furguson and Ryan Mandryk
Team 4: William Nadurak and Anthony Richardson
Team 5: Brandon Wallace and Jim Woodcock
Team 6: Drake Coulter and Cauldin Kyle
Team 7: Erik Magnuson and Cameron Carrier
Team 8: Justin Scherban and Dustin Salminen

The Results

Round 1 Victories
Ethan Novak / Sean Hooper (vs Brandon Wallace / Jim Woodcock)
Drake Coulter / Cauldin Kyle (vs James Mili / Tanner Wallace)
Erik Magnuson / Cameron Carrier (vs Chris Furguson / Ryan Mandryk)
William Nadurak / Anthony Richardson (vs Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen)

Round 2 Victories
Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen (vs Chris Furguson / Ryan Mandryk)
Brandon Wallace / Jim Woodcock (vs James Mili / Tanner Wallace)
William Nadurak / Anthony Richardson (vs Erik Magnuson / Cameron Carrier)
Drake Coulter / Cauldin Kyle (vs Ethan Novak / Sean Hooper)

Round 3 Victories
Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen (vs Brandon Wallace / Jim Woodcock)
Ethan Novak / Sean Hooper (vs Erik Magnuson / Cameron Carrier)
Chris Furguson / Ryan Mandryk (vs James Mili / Tanner Wallace)
Drake Coulter / Cauldin Kyle (vs William Nadurak / Anthony Richardson)

Round 4 Elimination
Chris Furguson / Ryan Mandryk (vs Brandon Wallace / Jim Woodcock)
Erik Magnuson / Cameron Carrier (vs James Mili / Tanner Wallace)
William Nadurak / Anthony Richardson (vs Ethan Novak / Sean Hooper)
Drake Coulter / Cauldin Kyle (vs Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen)

1st place: Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen
2nd place: William Nadurak / Anthony Richardson
3rd place: Chris Furguson / Ryan Madryk
Justin Scherban / Dustin Salminen
Ethan Novak / Sean Hooper
Erik Magnuson / Cameron Carrier
Brandon Wallace  / Jim Woodcock
James Mili / Tanner Wallace

Player voted Favorite army:
Sean Hooper

Player Voted Favorite Opponent:
James Mili

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