The 2016 winter tournament was the “Vanquisher” style – A 1000 point elimination tournament.

The prizes were a 100$ gift card to Tramp’s Comics & Games, as a thank you for hosting the tournament, as well as our usual tournament badges.

Players and Lists

Alexander Buchan – Astra Militarum

Anthony Richardson – Tau

Austin Banilevic – Necrons

Brandon Wallace – Space Marines (ultramarines)

Cameron Carrier – Space Marines (black templars)

Cauldin Kyle – Dark Eldar

Dustin Salminien – Blood Angels

James Mili – Chaos Space Marines

Justin Scherban – Genestealer Cult

Logan Antonation – Dark Eldar

Nathan Goretzky – Blood Angels

Nathan Sgrazzuti – Astra Militarum

Patrick Cory Depaulo – Grey Knights

Ryan Mandryk – Space Marines (iron hands)

Sean Hooper – Astra Militarum

Tanner Wallace – Space Wolves

The Results

Round 1 Eliminations
Austin Banilevic (vs Nathan Goretzky)
Brandon Wallace (vs Logan Antonation)
Cameron Cerrier (vs Anthony Richardson)
James Mili (vs Justin Scherban)
Nathan Sgrazzuti (vs Dustin Salminen)
Patrick Cory Depaulo (vs Sean Hooper)
Ryan Mandryk (vs Cauldin Kyle)
Tanner Wallace (vs Alexander Buchan)

Round 2 Eliminations
Anthony Richardson (vs Alexander Buchan)
Justin Scherban (vs Logan Antonation)
Nathan Goretzky (vs Cauldin Kyle)
Sean Hooper (vs Dustin Salminen)

Round 3 Eliminations
Cauldin Kyle (drop out)
Logan Antonation (vs Dustin Salminen)

Round 4 Elimination
Alexander Buchan (vs Dustin Salminen)

Dustin Salminen

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