At this point I don’t even remember what got me wanting to play daemons. I’ve always been fond of the “magical” factions in any games I played, which naturally led me to be curious about Tzeentch chaos. When the Khorne Daemonkin book came out, I thought to myself, “when the Tzeentch one drops, I’ll do it!” That never happened, but I started collecting Tzeentch Daemons anyway.

So naturally I started collecting a magic spamming, summoning heavy daemon list.

So many horrors. . .

For the next several months, I collected and painted more and more (and more, and more) horrors. The basic paint scheme (that is carried across the entire army) is pretty simple.

  • Everything is primed black.
  • All the flesh is heavily drybrushed in a light ish brown.
  • Then it is drybrushed pink.
  • Then I wash with chestnut ink.
  • Then I lightly drybrush white.
  • The teeth and claws are picked out in white, and the feathers and flames are painted various shades of pink and white, and the squad’s color (literally the colors of the rainbow).
  • Metals are painted first bronze, then thinly painted over in dark metal.
  • On larger models, its drybrushed with the darker metal instead. Details are then painted various colors of bronze or metal, depending.

Photos of the various stages of development:

The horror!
The horror! The horror!
Endless horror!
Horror-irble hand cramps!
A horror story!
Now in colour!
True horror!
Eldar for scale.

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