Lords of change were a tricky subject for me when I first started this army. I absolutely did not want to use the GW model because it was old and bad. Furthermore, they had just released the new bloodthirster model, so I had hoped they would release a new lord of change.

After I got tired of waiting around, I decided to look into 3rd party models, and came across Creature Caster’s Vulture Daemon. Excited, I resolved to get that model for my lords of change. Then I realized it was still in kickstarter at the time, and was running about a year or so overdue.

Then I found Ultraforge’s The Vrock, and promptly ordered one.

My plan was to just get 3 or so of that model for my lords of change, and then use Creature Caster’s Vulture Daemon as my fateweaver, so I was excited to find that Creature Caster was finally going to retail.

Then GW released their own lord of change. Of course.

So of course now I have all three. I justified it to myself that it would suit the theme of change to have different models for each lord of change.

The new plan was thus:

  • Ultraforge Vrock,
  • Creaturecaster Vulture Daemon,
  • Games Workshop Lord of Change

These would be my lords of change. Then I would get a Games Workshop Fateweaver, and convert it to it was suitably different from the lord of change, and use it as my fateweaver.

The first model I got was the Vrock.  Here it is in progress.

Here is is finished.

And here it is with a base.

The second one I bought was the vulture daemon. Here are some progress pictures in various stages of completion.

And lastly is the Fateweaver (I have not yet assembled my third lord of change, as it doesn’t get used and would be purely for completeness. I do own it however, as you can see in this post). You can see the conversion work I did to get it flying like that, and the (shoddy) pinning I did. Its actually surprisingly stable. I may have used nearly an entire dollar store bottle of glue on it though.



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