El’doryyn is a highly militarized craftworld where an unusual number of Eldar find themselves on the path of the warrior. Located close to Imperial Space, the Eldar of El’doryyn often must battle the forces of the Imperium. It is perhaps for this reason that so many Eldar feel a call to defend their home.

Many battles with space marines have taught the Eldar of El’doryyn an important lesson: the power of armor. Not the primitive and clunky power armour worn by the space marines, but the elegant and agile tanks of the Eldar. Over many years of fighting space marines and the Imperial Guard, the Eldar of El’doryyn have adapted their style of war to directly counter that of the Imperium. Their tactics utilize a large numbers of transports to deliver their superior warriors into the fray. Resistant to the weapons of the imperium, warriors are delivered inside weapons range at high speeds. The warriors rely on lightning quick strikes and redeployment, outmanoeuvring their typically unwieldy enemies.

As a goal or as part of a broader group mindset, the Eldar of craftworld El’doryyn wish to re-establish the old Eldar empire. Not for any noble cause or irrational pride, but for the sake of taking the galaxy away from the primitive life forms that grasp it now, for these creatures have had their chance and have only wreaked havoc in the galaxy. The Eldar of El’doryyn seek to eliminate this infestation, rule the galaxy, and once more bring peace.

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