I wanted to make an army with a specific theme. I’ve always found themed armies to be more engaging, and I enjoy the creativity of a unique force.

The Imperial Guard lends itself especially well to this purpose. The conversion and narrative opportunities with the imperial guard are nearly limitless. Furthermore, the Imperial Guard codex is incredibly balanced, and there are numerous ways to create a unique, fluffy army that still performs well on the battlefield.



The army comes from Primus IV – a feudal/agri world that has just made contact with the Imperium. The population has been introduced to the many wonders of technology that the imperium has to offer, and has chosen to forgo their agricultural backgrounds and industrialize on a global scale.

The consequence of this is that the world’s environmental and air quality has been ravaged by an overemphasis on mining and manufacturing. This has resulted in a horrific medical crisis amongst the population. All living things on the planet now require heavy cloaks and respirators to protect their permanently damaged lungs and skin from even the mildest environments.

Alongside the rapid economic industrialization, the population has also been given weapons and machinery from the Astra Militarum, and has put these weapons to use in exercising power and control over one another. Through the conflict has emerged a new military power – the Flatlanders’ Brigade.


Creative Direction

The army is heavily converted. In particular, the infantry are scratch built from multiple third party and Games Workshop kits. Below is a sample of some of the tanks and infantry I’ve finished so far.

I decided to paint the tanks brown, as I think it contrasts nicely with the infantry’s green colours.

I decided to do a alter the look of the wyverns (a conversion I saw on another website) because I don’t like the look of the original model. This conversion makes the tank look more like an artillery vehicle in my mind.



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