The felarchs were an interesting process. Most sergeants have the typical sword + pistol load out, but all Corsairs have the Brace of Pistols, which specifically say they do not need to be modelled.

However, I think it is not quite appropriate to only give them one pistol when in reality they have four.

So in my ruminations, I thought of a way to make it work. Swords! My felarchs are equipped with close combat weapons (and pistols, of course) so I figured why not just do that. I built my felarchs out of the same kits that I bought for the basic reavers (see their post here), except I used the back of a warrior torso instead of the back of the guardian torso (sorry friend who is buying my warrior torsos off of me!).

The reason for that is twofold. First, I wanted to give the felarchs one of the back decorations from the dark eldar kits, and second, my cat knocked a torso bit off and I lost it forever.

I then took one of the pistol arms from the wych kit, cut off the pistol, and glued on one of the swords from the warrior/wych kit. These felarchs are equipped with Venomblades, so I appreciated that the only available swords were the wicked curved looking ones that totally look like they could be venom blades.

Why a pistol arm you ask? well, because there were no right hand sword arms in either of those kits, and it had the right (literally – 90°) angle that I needed.

When the sword had set, I cut off the hand holding the sword, and re-glued it at a different angle. Then I took one of the supporting splinter rifle arms from the warrior kit, and just kinda glued it to the torso in an appropriate angle – to make it look like they could be holding the sword two-handed (I need to go back and greenstuff it so it looks complete, because now the flat side of the arm that supposed to fit flush with the torso is just kinda facing out in the open).

I let it all dry, attached the back banner, and voila!

And painted!

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