Here we are – the Prince, the centerpiece model. The pride of the Corsair warband.

Also the single most expensive infantry model I’ve ever built.

Why you ask? Here’s why:

Lets tally this up.

  • The Triumvirate of Ynnead – yes, just for the visarch’s torso (I hate myself).
  • An Eldar Autarch
  • A Dark Eldar Succubus
  • A Box of scourges – to be fair, I need these guys for my other corsair projects, so I didn’t quite buy a box of infantry just for the sword, but lets be real, on this shopping trip, I totally did.

So this was a fun one. I had the basic idea in my head for a while of what I wanted the prince to look like. Lunging forward, weapon held out, other arm held high. Looking totally badass. I had originally planned to use the autarch legs and the new archon torso because of that cool cape, but then Ynnead happened and ruined everything (and my conversion plans). I could not let that visarch get away. It is simply too cool of a model.

And I couldn’t use the one from my actual triumvirate. I had to have the set (of course)! So I went out and bought another Triumvirate just for this project.

The conversion actually went together rather smoothly. The autarch legs fit right into the Visarch’s torso without much complaint (I may need to fix up some gaps with greenstuff), the autarchs sword arm fit perfectly on the visarch’s torso (once I shaved off the slot), and the pistol fit very nicely on the autarch’s sword hand once I chopped off the sword.

The only issues were the head and the (actual) sword arm.
The visarch has a slotted head that fits on the neck, and the succubus has a peg head that fits in a slot. All I really had to do was cut off almost the entirety of the succubus’ neck, and shave down the Visarch’s neck peg, and it worked out pretty good. This leaves the prince with a whole lot less neck than the rest of the corsairs, but that’s okay. He’s in voidplate harness, so the bulkier appearance is fine.

The Scourge sword arm was also relatively easy once I got down to it – I cut off the arm at the elbow, and, because the visarch’s arm attachment is partially in the cape, the arm wouldn’t quite fit, so I shaved one side down to fit flush with the cape, and it all worked out fine.

All that’s left to do is the pistol. The pistol that’s there right now is the fusion pistol, but I plan on acquiring an old timey fantasy dwarf pistol to use as a balelight. Because pirates have flint-lock pistols. But pistol swaps are probably the easiest conversions to do, so I’m not too worried.

Put it all together, and we have this finished product!

And paint it up after the pistol swap:

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