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For me, heavy weapons teams have always been an attractive component of the Astra Militarum army. It remains one of the many reasons why I love playing the army. There’s something evocative about the imagery of massed infantry marching up the field supported by entrenched guardsmen pounding the enemy from afar with heavy weapons too large for one man to carry. When compared to man-portable heavy weapons of space marine devastators, heavy weapons teams are a shining contrast that highlights the inadequacies and limitations of mere human beings in a grim and dark 41st millennium.

For my heavy weapons squads, I wanted to add an element that would make them feel more outdated. I decided to obtain a large quantity of pewter gun carriages from third party distributers where the heavy weapons from the original boxed sets could easily be mounted on to the carriage. The result is a unique and thematic change to the heavy weapons squad that still pays tribute to the conventional look of the Cadian heavy weapons teams.

So far, I have made lascannon squads, and autocannon squads.



Additionally, I have made a single mortar team. However, I did not convert the gun itself and I thought it still looked good on its own:



With the advent of 40k’s 8th edition, isolated heavy weapons squads are more affordable and tactically viable. As such, I will continue building more squads with all manner of heavy weapons (from heavy bolters to missile launchers), so keep an eye out for future posts!

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