My idea for this force of kroot is that they are a renegade gene cultivating squad who are looking for new adaptations, weaponry, and knowledge.

I wanted to start off with a very natural kroot look, using mostly greens, but just a bit darker.

My paint scheme was to prime the models chaos black and basecoat with death world forest. Then I washed the entire model in athonian camoshade, drybrushed eylisian green, washed with athonian camoshade, drybrushed with ogryn camo, washed with athonian camo shade, and then added a final highlight underhive ash just on the protruding parts like knees elbows any raised areas. Then with a final camo shade wash, the skin was done.

I think it is a fairly simple and effective look for to give the green skin depth.

The quills are painted as follows: based rhinox hide, then a layer of gorthor brown half way from tip to base, then a layer of tuskor fur quarter of the way from tip to base, and finally a quick brush of agrax earthshade.


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