Ah . . . Corsair Reavers. The bane of my conversion project. The most expensive single unit I’ve ever had to build.

I briefly outlined what I needed for them in this post, but I’ll go into more detail here.

I bought a swiftshard box because wyches were out of stock, and the store had the box laying around – I’m selling the raider because I can’t use it.

That’s one box of wyches, one box of warriors, and one box of guardians. My actual corsair conversion kit is currently in transit.

The conversion itself is pretty straight forward. Wych legs, guardian torso, warrior arms, and bare heads from any kit (although I’m fairly certain I used all wych heads). The hardest part was getting rid the bulky and large guardian backpacks.

I assembled the legs and torsos as normal, and let them dry. Then, annoyingly, I cut off the top of all the guardian backpacks so that they were smooth all the way from the shouldpads back. I also cut away some of the backpack around the shoulderpad so the entire pad was visible.
This picture should give an idea of the various stages of assembly.

Then the fun part. I don’t have the corsair conversion bits, so therefore I don’t have the guns. Yet I was determined not to just leave them as armless, headless, running bodies, so I started the next step – the arms. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me when I eventually get the lasblasters.

I glued in the support arm, held the gun arm in place to get a good fit for the full gun assembly, and let the support arm dry. Then I cut the gun off the gun arm, rested the gun in the support arm, and glued the gun arm sans-gun to the body, and matched everything up. It seemed to work out pretty well, but only time will tell.

The special weapon corsairs are much easier – I already have those bits. Here are some Reavers with blasters

And thats it! As soon as my conversion kit arrives, I’ll slap on the backpacks and lasblasters (hopefully), and paint em up. Look to future posts for a painting update on the corsairs.

For those of you who spotted some other models in the backgrounds, good job! Those are my Felarchs and Prince.

Check out their posts for more info!

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