I’ve long been interested in the Corsair army list from Forgeworld’s Imperial Armor 11. They seemed really cool and interesting to play, and a step back from my usual mech-heavy eldar playstyle (plus they don’t come with the same stigma of “Broken Eldar!” in our meta).

So I decided to playtest a few games, and wasn’t disappointed.

Then I started planning out my Corsair conversions.

Then I died a little inside.

I gathered up some bits from my old eldar and some friends, and I ended up with this as my Proof of Concept:

For those of you counting at home, you’ve now realized why I died a little inside. That conversion takes bits from no less than 3 kits, and doesn’t even have the forgeworld corsair conversion bits (yet).

  • Dark Eldar Wych legs
  • Eldar guardian Torsos
  • Dark Eldar Warrior arms.

And that is without even including the Corsair Conversion bits for the backpack and lasblaster. I’ll use Scourge legs and the corsair jetpack vanes for any jetpack-equipped corsairs.

That’s well over 150$ for one squad.

But I’ve been saving for a while, and the FLGS manager has been a hero and said he’d give a conversion project discount to help out, so the other day I came home with this

(yeah, there’s some admech stuff in there – that’s a post for another time)

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