I’ll give you a quick look at a project I finished last summer. It has been greatly appreciated around the store for both our Kill Team campaigns, and our pick-up games.

It is a Zone Mortalis board.



It is mostly made of Excalibur dental plaster, cast in moulds from Hirst Arts. The Hirst Arts blocks have been glued to sections of foam board, based on roughly 6″ corridor lengths. I aimed for a high level of versatility, so that the board could be played in as many unique configurations as possible. I think I was mostly successful.



I’m not sure I saved much money building it myself instead of buying it from Forgeworld, as the materials were no small expense. And I put a considerable amount of time into it.

However, there is always a pleasure in knowing that you built something unique.

The corridors are a bit narrower, and the walls a bit shorter, but overall, the board is very playable. Our gamers have discovered that they can also use it to represent buildings and other battlefield aspects, so the board has made its way into regular 40k and Kill Team games.


– The Lord Merchant

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