The whole Pegasus Gulf crew is excited for Necromunda. In anticipation of future Gang War campaigns, we ordered a whole bunch of lasercut terrain from Wargames Tournaments.

Once the terrain arrived (and it took a while), we found that it seemed a little sparse. Unlike the industrial wonderland produced by Games Workshop, Wargames Tournaments terrain seems empty and purposeless. While the scaffolding provides a lovely 3d jungle gym for our futuristic punks, it offers little character and even fewer cover saves.

So I decided to spruce it up a little. Using a few odds and ends I had lying around, including some blocks from Hirst Arts, I began working towards a “neo-gothic” industrial feel.

While it won’t be quite so shiny and chrome as the Games Workshop Stuff – I hope it will provides a modular wonderland that can double as Warhammer 40,000 terrain in a pinch, as we always need more terrain that can block line of sight.

To that end, I began by filling in the bottom of level of some of the structures, as well as cutting holes for ladders. Luckily, it seems that a Pringles tube fits perfectly in the round centre of the octagonal pieces, which immediately provides line of sight blocking terrain that is clearly industrial.

My goal is to create a futuristic industrial “favela“. This has been done before by some very talented terrain builders. While I don’t think I’ll recreate the Blanchitsu style in the glory it deserves, I do hope the the inspiration will make the terrain much more usable and appealing.

As this project progresses and I begin to paint it, I’ll provide more photos and updates. Until then, check out my progress below!

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