We are happy to announce that we have found a new place to play!

Though still greatly sadden by the loss of Tramps, we will now be playing weekly games at the Highland Curling Club! This is largely thanks to the efforts of one of our members, who put in the time and effort to find us a new space on short notice.

Gaming will be available nightly throughout the curling season (late September through to late April). As usual, there will be open gaming on Sundays, but you are welcome to game at other times.

Outside of the curling season, we will only be able to play on Sundays.

The Highland has a lot to offer. The space is large enough to hold many tables, and we have more than enough space to host our events.  The Highland is also letting us rent a closet, and we will be able to store all our terrain and tables. Because the Highland is a bar, there are couches, tables, and televisions to watch Rider games while we play. During the curling season, there will be a bartender serving food and drink, and outside that season, there will occasionally be a canteen open downstairs.

Best of all, we are being offered this space for free. The only thing we have to pay for is the closet we are renting to store our terrain. This is a great opportunity, and we ask that everyone do their utmost to respect the space.

Because we will often be sharing this space with the Highland’s other patrons, we ask that everyone be on their best behaviour. Because the Highland is allowing us to use the space for free, we ask that you do not bring in outside food or drink. Furthermore, please put away the terrain and tables when you are done with them, and clean up after yourself. Picking up the terrain ensures that we always have quality terrain to use, and failing to look after the space may jeopardize our relationship with Highland.


Though this is a Warhammer blog, please know that any gamer is welcome to come down and play a game, so long as they respect the space. Come on and play Magic, Guild Ball, Board Games, you name it! If you aren’t using the Warhammer terrain, this is no charge. Just don’t bring any outside food or drink.

If you are a regular Warhammer player and will be using the terrain, we ask that you pay a monthly fee of $10 per month. This will go towards renting the closet and maintaining the terrain. If you don’t expect to play more than once a month, talk to one of the organizers, and we will work something out.


We have terrain for six full 6’x4′ Warhammer 40k tables, and ample space to add even more!
Please stack the terrain neatly where you found it! We built this terrain, so please respect it.
This is just a third of the space available to us.
Guild Ball and other games are welcome at no charge! Come down and game!

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