One of my most recent armies that I started was the Eldar Corsairs from Imperial Armour 11: 2nd edition. It was a lot of fun, and I put a lot of time and money into converting a large Corsair force (You can see posts on it here).

When 8th edition was announced, I was excited to see what Forgeworld would do with them in the new edition. I was very disappointed.

Not to be discouraged, I tried to play my converted army as a counts-as for Ynnari Eldar. It wasn’t quite the same.

So, one day I decided, much like I did for 7th for the codexes that needed a little adjusting, I would have some fun in my spare time and write up a codex update for Corsairs in 8th. I never expected it to ever get played in my regular gaming group, but it would be a fun side project.

Then one of my friends started working on a killteam list to help the Heralds of Ruin folks update their rosters. He convinced me to join him playing the Heralds of Ruin co-op zombie campaign, and they told me to use my corsairs. I made a quick hack of my codex to work with killteam, and it was a lot of fun.

This inspired me to fix up my codex, pass it around to people for review, and I’ve had largely positive feedback. My hope is that it will become accepted in my regular gaming group at the very least, if not with the entire club.

So here it is: My Homebrew Eldar Corsair Codex

There is a write up in the document itself, and the document is open to commenting. Please feel free to let me know if you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or feedback of any kind.

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  1. Love the codex and use it as my main army and I’ve got some thoughts that might be fun. I’ve passed this on to as many corsair players as I could find so your work can be enjoyed 🙂

    1 have yriel available as a Eldritch raiders hq removing craftworld tag and maybe replace his spear
    2 have yvraine as a open corsair character loosing the ynnari tag and weapon
    3 with the release of firestorm rules add that and maybe put the points the same as the nightspinner

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