Come one, come all! All Regina area gamers are welcome to attend our midnight release of Warhammer 40,000 Eighth Edition!

To celebrate the newest chapter of the game, we will be holding a midnight tournament with the new rules, and potentially a speed painting competition.


The event will be held at Tramp’s Comics & Games on the evening of June 16th. The tournament will begin at 11:00pm. Speed painting will begin at 9:00pm.

Please confirm attendance via the Event RSVP.

The tournament will be two or three games of 50 power each. You must prepare your list ahead of time. As you all know, the books will be unavailable officially until that event so you’ll need to stop by your friendly local gaming club to create a list!

A $20 buy-in will get you a chance to win some prizes (most likely gift cards) and a slice or three of pizza.

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