Ty’rieal Uloryean has been the High Seer of Craftworld El’doryyn for centuries, ever the architect of its future. From a future divined by his sister, also a seer of high position in the craft world, he guided the eldar of El’doryyn into the gulf, where they would undertake the discovery and recovery of the mysterious Coil of Vaul.

Unfortunately, Ty’rieal’s sister was taken away from him before ever making it to the gulf – a victim of an ork raid, from the precursor to the now infamous Black WAAAGH! After his sisters death, Ty’rieal took up her spirit stone, for even in death these siblings would work together – her soul guiding his through the shifting realm of the warp.

Ever since his sister’s death, Ty’rieal has taken a much more direct approach to war, often joining the forces on the field – using his presence to psychically invigorate the troops he commands. He seeks revenge on all that oppose his craftworld and employs his powerful psychic abilities to ensure his craftworld’s victory.

The model for Ty’rieal was built from the Eldrad Ulthran model from Deathmasque. I had been considering what I wanted to use for parts for this conversion for a while. In the fluff, Ty’rieal uses a great two-handed witchblade, and carries the soulstone of his sister. It was only after acquiring the Eldrad model from Deathmasque that I realized all the parts I needed for the conversion were in that kit.

I swapped the foot position around, which gave the whole model a more dynamic feel – fitting for the more combat-focused background of the seer – and cut up the left arm to make it bend in, instead of being extended. I extended the hilt of the sword with some of the staff to make it look like it was a two-handed weapon, and, lets be real, the sword itself is big enough already, and I added some flamey bits from the burning chariot kit as well. I then replaced the staff in that hand with the new longer sword. Using some leftover bits from the Herald of Tzeentch from the burning chariot, I attached one of the gems from Eldred’s staff to the neckless from that kit, and put it on the arm. Finally I shaved off some of the Ghosthelm detail to separate it from Eldrad a bit, and chopped off the chin beard thing.

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