“A place we do not want to be…”


Tak’Vre Mal’Caor felt a sudden rush of pain, forcing him to close his eyes and shake his head. The feeling of his tight combat weave across his neck comforted him as he shook his head free of the sudden burning sensation. He took his bearings. He was in his combat gear, ready for anything as he attempted to identify his location.

Slowly Mal’Caor scanned the area through his helmets optics. He was clearly in a building of Imperial design. The overwhelming use of skull motifs and gold paint made it rather obvious. Mal’Caor was pleased to see he was not alone. Alongside him were several of his kin, a squad of firewarriors numbering five, a pair of pathfinders, a pair of XV-25 Stealth suits, and a single mighty XV-88 Broadside battle suit, all of them shaking off the obvious effects of confusion. To his right, a gentle noise caught his attention. Mal’Caor turned towards the soft humming, seeing a pair of gun drones float through the air towards him. Perhaps they had answers to their situation.

“Area clear of hostiles, Tak’Vre. Estimated chance of hostile repopulation is 0.05%. Advise clearing of next sector.” One of the humming AI devices blurted out once it reached Mal’Caor.

The Steel Caste warrior was quick to respond. “Location report, Kor’Vesa!” He fired off quickly, his team behind him quickly assembling into a combat ready unit as he did.

“For future reference, Drone number: BT-7274 at your service. Location: Imperial Forgeworld. Designation: Ravenforge. Currently occupied by the Merenrakha Dynasty, species unknown, and a tyranid hive fleet, designation: Titan.” The drone replied.

“Mission report. Current objectives?” Mal’Caor asked, having needed only a second to contemplate his location.

“Mission status: ongoing. Objective: Improve diplomatic relations with Merenrakha Dynasty. Currently serving in combat operations for Merenrakha Dynasty. Change of mission objective?” The AI questioned.

Mal’Caor smirked as Earth Caste technology never ceased to amaze him. The AI had detected the confusion in him and his team, and determined that the mission they were on was one Mal’Caor was unfamiliar with.

“Yes. Mission objective: Make contact with friendly forces. Treat the Merenrakha Dynasty as hostile from this point onwards.” The device beeped, before the drone flashed one of its optic sensors, acknowledging the change of mission.

Mal’Caor looked up to the poisoned sky as the bulky broadside suit moved up to his side. “Tak’Vre. Where are we?”

Mal’Caor looked to the massive battlesuit as he answered. “I don’t know Tak’Ui. Wherever we are though, it is most certainly a place we do not want to be….”

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