When the Gate of Khaine was breached by the birth of Ynead, the Archon of the Bloodied Fang Kabal retreated to his satellite realm of the Dark City and sealed it away from the rest of Commoragh. Since then, the realm of the Bloodied Fang, also known as Neth, has been independent of the Dark City, an enclave with its own politics and intrigues. Although tiny in comparison to the size of the Dark City, it is still a considerable size when compared to the realms of those living in real space.

Neth is still home to a few minor kabals, all with their own plans and schemes. However, the Bloodied Fang is the primary Kabal of Neth, and has become one of the powers vying for control and strength in the Pegasus Gulf. Controlled by the ancient Archon known as Yl’Arad, there are few in all of Commoragh that can match his age and his cruelty, for Yl’Arad comes from before the fall of the Eldar.

Eons ago though, the Bloodied Fang did not even exist, and Yl’Arad was simply another kabalite in another Kabal. He rose through their ranks, finally making Dracon, and eventually leading a coup that would erase his old Kabal from existence, inscribing the Blooded Fang on the pages of history. Yl’Arad and the Bloodied Fang rose to power and prominence in the dark city, always careful never to stir the eye of Vect but to subtlety steal power from those below them.

Finally after eons of waiting, hoping to either steal the Dark City for himself or remove his realm from it entirely, Ynead was born and the Gate of Khaine was broken. The chaos that ensued was all Yl’Arad needed to separate Neth from the Dark City and finally rule over his own domain. Since then, Neth has become the seat of the Bloodied Fang, with which they can launch piercing raids into realspace as well as the realms of his opposition in the dark city.

Yl’Arad is all powerful within Neth. Neth’s only Incubus shrine is located directly beneath his seat of power, and the Archon’s personal palace is located as close to the scourge nests as possible. Through this strategic positioning, the Bloodied Fang holds a tight grip on the supply of both elite groups of warriors. Yl’Arad has even gone out of his way to ally himself with a former Klaivex and now Hierarch by the name of Eztaz, as well as a reigning Solarite by the name of Tezaras.

Since the day the slave ship of the Bloodied Fang was dragged onto Ravenforge and awoke the slumbering Necrons beneath, the gulf has been in a state of turmoil. Such an event could not have provided a better environment for Yl’Arad and his Kabal. The Blooded Fang continues to lead countless raids into the gulf, reeking bloody havoc on the younger races of the galaxy.

The Kabal’s armour is a slick and dripping crimson, designing to mimic their namesake.
Scourges and Incubi compose Yl’Arad’s most elite forces.

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