The Imperial Praetorians are a Space Marine chapter currently operating in the Pegasus Gulf sector. Fighting under the direct supervision of the Ordo Malleaus of the Inquisition, the Imperial Praetorians are a fledgling chapter, standing at only 3 companies strong.

Created for the sole purpose of testing [INFORMATION REDACTED: INQUISITORIAL CENSOR], the Praetorians were assigned to the Pegasus Gulf to bolster the Astartes presence. Like many chapters, the Praetorians do not know their primarch, and attempt to emulate tactics from a variety of established chapters. Many in the chapter believe that they are descendants of the Raven, including the Chapter Master himself. They practice lightning fast assaults with deceptive feints, valuing stealth and precision over all else. Assault marines sporting jump packs are a staple of these marines.

Others believe they are sons of the Khan, and so work to perfect the art of the mounted warfare, always moving and never stopping. You would be hard-pressed to find a marine here not riding a bike or mounted inside one of the chapter’s Razorback transports. A small number choose to believe neither of these theories, and instead believe they are descended from the Carcharodons Chapter instead, practicing brute force and unrelenting savagery in combat. These marines commonly wear terminator armour, and field perhaps the chapter’s only Land Raider.

Whatever tactics the chapter chooses to use, the marines of the Imperial Praetorians attempt to prove they are the best of the best, their chosen style made perfect, as nothing less but perfection will do in the eyes of the Emperor. While still young, the chapter has participated in great battles and proven itself a worthy adversary of the Imperium’s mightiest enemies. The Praetorians served alongside the Imperial Coalition during the Battle of the Black Reef, and participated as a laser precision army in the assault on the breach alongside the 85th Mechanized Death Korps of Krieg Regiment, and the Knight House of Vymair.

The Imperial Praetorians however are best known for a single event in their history. Upon the hills of an Imperial World, the Imperial Praetorians stood against the mighty Black WAAAGH! of the Ork Hordes. It was there that one of the chapters’ very first marines, encased within an ancient sarcophagus and wielding the might of a Contemptor Dreadnought, took the battle to the WAAAGH!’s very own warboss and retinue. The Dreadnought tore through their leadership, and the Black WAAAGH! was broken, the remainder chased off into the stars.

The Praetorians take great pride in their breaking the Black WAAAGH!, but they are not the only enemies the Praetorians face. With Terra gone dark, and the Imperium at large in disarray, the Praetorians choose to grow their strength and learn from their old mistakes. The Imperial Praetorians attempt to provide their combat expertise to any Imperial Force in need, but are bound by oath to their Inquisitorial masters until they are proven stable. The Imperium can ill-afford another traitor.

With the Pegasus Gulf itself under attack from all sides, aliens, traitors, and mutants alike, the Imperial Praetorians serve as a beacon of light for the loyal peoples of humanity.

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