The fighting had been going on for weeks, but grandmaster Antosh of the Vindicare Temple used the confusion to his benefit. Staying in the shadows. Firing rounds unseen. Repositioning. Then letting loose once more. His rifle brought low many xenos and heretical scum.

He had only been flushed from his vantage point twice. The first time, the Eldar Corsairs moved fast enough from the sides to force him to move. The second time, the Tau’s advanced scanning technology found him. Antosh felt blessed by the Emperor that was able to escape both times. His mission was an easy one, thanks to his heightened abilities. His orders were to assist the Imperial forces on the moon base above Ravensforge, providing fire support for the various teams in place. They fought to destroy the moon base’s tractor cannon. Once it was reduced to rubble, an invasion fleet could drive the Necrons back to their underground tombs.

“This is Antosh to Watcher, do you read?”

The box crackled back. Salena’s voice sounded almost robotic. “I read you Antosh. What are we looking at down there?”

“All of the forces are converging on the cannon’s control rooms Inquisitor. I will assist in the assault in wherever possible.”

The vox crackled again. “Thank you Antosh. Do try not to get yourself killed. I’m still going to need your services once this is done.”

Antosh let a smile crease his face, “Do not worry Inquisitor. I will make it back. The same cannot be said for the enemy however. Antosh out.”

Antosh could hear the cracks of gun fire and the screams of battle from a good distance away. His mask picked up many life forms as he approached his ideal position. Antosh had spotted a tall building that would make the perfect shooters gallery. It had good fields of fire, and plenty of shadow to sit away in. The enemy would be lucky if they could even figure out what sector of the battlefield he was firing from.

Antosh easily slipped inside of the building, and pulling his pistol and knife from their holster and sheath, set off with a sprint. The building was clear, and within moments Antosh sat in the perfect position. The Master of Assassins looked down through his telescopic scope, scanning the ground in the middle of the control rooms. It was bare, and immediately his mind sent off warning signs. His caution was rewarded when the open ground splintered and cracked, giving way to one of the behemoth hierophant Titans from the Hive Fleet. It was certainly a rare occurrence, even for one so experienced as Antosh.

The lethal man’s mind raced. He needed to deal with the monstrous creature, but the armoured carapace of the beast was thick. Antosh considered the situation silently. His rifle could punch through easily, but piercing the armour and actually harming the bio-titan were two different subjects. The flesh-eating capabilities of the Hellfire round were perhaps best suited, but even those might fail to kill the beast. Antosh, however, was equipped with no regular Hellfire rounds. A smirk creeped across his face as he slammed the magazine into his custom weapon, its machine sprit dripping with lethal intent to end the titan.

The first round flew silently from his perfectly crafted Exitus rifle. The moment the round was clear of the barrel, Antosh adjusted and let off with a second. The two rounds zipped through the air with death dripping from them. Perfectly crafted and perfectly placed, the first round struck the titan in the right eye, and before it could even react, the second round pierced its left eye. The behemoth skittered and faltered, reeling from side to side before finally falling to the ground, its head slowly turning into a bubbling mess of liquified flesh.

Antosh grinned as he looked down upon the dead creature. He had never been one to take trophies, but this time an exception could be made. Antosh had single-handedly brought down one of the most powerful creatures the Tyranids could produce. Slowly he dropped from his position, sneaking to the dead body amid the chaos and claiming his prize. With his much-warranted trophy in hand, he crept away from the roaring combat, hearing the detonation of explosive charges in the distance. The Imperial forces must have been successful. The tractor cannon was destroyed.

“Antosh to Watcher. Mission success. Moving to extraction.”

The Hierophant is truly a terror to behold.
The Assassin’s skill is as much planning as execution.

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