Hello peons! It is I, the Illustrious Orange Bastard. Firstly! As you quake with fear at the sound of my voice, it is entirely alright and even expected for you to both urinate and defecate your pants simultaneously.

As a matter of fact, due to my generous nature, I’ll even allow you to do it back to back, instead of at the same time. Do not think me ungenerous.

This is an announcement. From this point forward, all the underworld belongs to the Obliterati. Myself, your handsome idol, along with Master Shaper Nagrom and Erectus Gigantus will be seizing control of ALL underworld activity.

From now on, if you operate in the Underdecks, you pay up to us. If not? Then we’ll be more than happy to enforce our rule. Those who bend the knee now will be granted mercy. Those who oppose us will be met with painful consequences!

But don’t fret. you can have our scraps.

And for all you Imperial do gooders? Come at us.

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