Terror of merchants. Scourge of the navy. The crew of The Petulant Child are notorious void pirates, drawn to Domilcus Station for reasons unknown. They are lead by Drazziz Fellgrin, known to many as the Orange Bastard, a dangerous and unpredictable Eldar from beyond the Gulf.

Below are the profiles of the Drazziz Fellgrin and his most fearsome companions.


The Orange Bastard, Drazziz Fellgrin, is the captain of his “liberated ” vessel, The Petulant Child. Known for a macabre and dangerous sense of humor, The Orange Bastard has plagued trade routes and been a menace to traders and merchants across the Gulf. His maniacal nature is matched only by his sadism.

Drazziz Fellgrin rules his crew through fear and implied threats of violence. The tell-tale smile he wears on his void helmet is a mirror of his scarred and maimed face. The immortal monster is in no danger of loosing his prowess with age, and shows no signs of stopping his pirate lifestyle.


Known only as the Anglerfish, this Tau quartermaster abandoned the greater good years ago in favor of a life of absolute freedom. Particularilly violent for a Tau, the former Firewarrior has earned the trust and borderline admiration of his captain and is easily the first choice to be his second in command.

Anglerfish is often the envoy of the Orange Bastard (though diplomacy is usually a last resort). He has a way of speaking that carries the authority of his station. And the fact he’s a damn fast draw doesn’t hurt either.


Ugmek Dakkablast is responsible for the ships guns. He maintains them better than anyone . . . because no one else can figure out how he built the damn things. Cannons chained to cannons. Lances that fire twice as hard as they should be able to. The more the ship becomes his creation, the more it begs for his special brand of repair.

Ugmek has a fascination with fire and often states “iz Burna iz a boyz best friend if dem boyz had friends in da furst place.”


The Softest Meat is a mutated beastman, found alone on an desolate moon and surrounded by a space station of abused corpses. While there are many rumors about his religious worship and where it goes, his ferocity and loyalty is necessary to keep the crew in line.

No one want’s to be punished by a night with The Softest Meat.


Karkus is the ship’s guide through the void. Telekinetic and deemed dangerous, he is the sole survivor of a blackship attacked by the Orange Bastard. Since that fateful day, the nihilistic voidborn has played navigator for the Petulant Child.

Universally feared by most of the crew and by all of the slaves, Karkus says very little but leaves quite the impression on merit of being a psyker alone.

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