In the wake of every Imperial Crusade comes the Inquisition. Searching for the alien, the mutant, and the heretic, the agents of the Ordos Majoris are rightfully feared – for they wield the Emperor’s Justice and provide no mercy.

More mysterious are the Ordos Minoris. Often veiled in secrecy, their Inquisitorial seal is just as potent, and their work just as vital to mankind’s survival . . . .


Herotodus Dauchus is a field Inquisitor of the Ordos Scriptorum. Tasked with securing sacred and valuable documents for the Imperium, fears and rumours of terrible portent have brought him the the Pegasus Gulf. Trailing the destruction of the crusade, Inquisitor Dauchus scours ruined cities and forlorn outposts, searching through the abandoned data-centres and sanctums of the Administratum.

Flanked by the “Compiler Militant”, armed scribes who serve as his personal protectors and data-miners, his purpose is unknown.

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