Yl’Arad grinned malevolently as he surveyed his catch of the day. Before him the raiders and venoms of his chosen fleet, the largest slaving fleet of the Bloodied Fang, sailed gracefully into the webway, returning once more to their berths inside the realm of Neth.

The shattered compact of the Dawnbringers proved an ample hunting ground for fresh prey, one that Yl’Arad was all too happy to enjoy. The compact had become his playground as of late. Combining the already broken worlds with the ongoing crusade was a beautiful time for slaving. The smirk spread evilly on Yl’Arads face grew even wider as he thought about the crusade. He’d just ordered Tezaras the Solarite into the teeth of the human Kriegsman. He doubted the scourge would survive, but he’d be astounded if he did. No matter, with a flick of his wrist, Yl’Arad flashed past the gate and away to his unassailable fortress within the webway.

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