The sight of the Moon base was all too familiar to Marx. The hallways were still coated in rust and dried blood from battles past, and the sounds of scuttling creatures still echoed like he remembered. Though his men never had the privilege to participate in the first Battle of Ravenforge, Marx was there first hand to witness the ferocity of Hive Fleet Titan, a sea of teeth and claws; a wave of towering monstrosities as far as the eye could see.

But up here on the moon base, such combat did not exist. Swarms of creatures skulked in any number of hallways and rooms, and no true battle line was ever set. He and his men were pushed to their limits, time and time again prevailing for the honor of his regiment and the Emperor. Many different Xenos attempted to halt their advance, and each paid the price. None stood in the way of their resolve to take revenge on the beasts and mechanical terrors that forced them back on Ravenforge.

“Commander we are approaching one of the reactor rooms, Teams are moving in to set the charges.” Marx’s men had been fighting towards the tractor cannon’s reactor rooms for some time. Their mission was to disable the gun before any of the xenos factions could use it against the coming crusade fleet.

“Charges set sir; they will detonate in two minutes. We picked up forces converging on this location and they will arrive just in time for the detonation.” Marx signaled the platoon to move out. “Alright men, regroup on me we are returning to the LZ. Squad 88912 and 22212, cover our flanks as we fall back.”

Marx continuously listened to the vox updates on the battle around Ravenforge. Large portions of the Hive fleet were eradicated or fled, while the Necron fleet appeared heavily damaged from the fighting. A few had even been thrown from orbit as the xenos used the tractor cannon to clear a way out for themselves.

“When Macher arrives, we will show them their mistake of letting us leave this place alive.”

The Kriegsmen secure the demolition zone.

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