“Kor’El, I’ve got something coming up on our sensors. It is at the edge of the system.” The young Air Caste recruit spoke firmly, calling for the attention of his superior. The Tau at the monitoring system did not have to wait long.

“What is it Kor’La? We just got another solar flare. We have enough problems already.” The grizzled Air Caste veteran spoke.

“I don’t quite know. It’s a lot though…. big and small….. sub-light speeds. Probably old debris drifting in system Kor’El.” The recruit was soon joined by his commanding officer, the two of them examining the screen. “I’ll note it down.” The Kor’La went to record it in the system. His hand was stayed however by the Tau behind him.

“Hold that….” the more experienced Air Caste leaned in closer to get a better read on the screen. “What heading are they on Kor’La?”

The younger tau gave his superior a puzzled look, before glancing at the screen to hive his answer. “Slowly drifting towards the colony Kor’El.”

The young Tau looked back up to see his superior hang his head, sighing heavily as he raised it to stand from his spot. “Sir?” The Kor’La spoke. The older Air Caste Tau just shook his head.

“Feed that data to the defence grid, keep me updated on it at all times. I must prepare the fleet.” Kor’El spoke, as he slowly turned away from the station to survey his command bridge.

“Wait Sir. It’s just debris. Ships enter the system at superluminal speed, it can’t be anything else.” The inexperienced Tau said, recalling his knowledge of interstellar travel. It was a commonly known thing for most Air Caste Tau.

“It’s not debris Kor’La. I have seen such things before. That lost cadre that returned to us recently Mal’Caor and his men? They were followed. That is a hive fleet….. The great devourer has come for Bork’Los”

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