Black Spear Force Occidens / Execution Force: Code-named Protocol Z


Designation: Emergency Search and Destroy force, lead by Watchmaster Interitum.

Priority: Investigate missing Imperial forces.

Secondary priority: Destroy any and all traitor and xenos forces while protecting imperial forces and civilians.

Final priority: Discover the true loyalty of various Imperial Agents. If found lacking, execute Protocol Z.


Watchmaster Interitum
Former Chapter: Blood-Raven


Commander in Operation Annihilation on planet VPD1.223 (AKA Ulgim), Interitum participated in the annihilation of a planet-wide mutant occupation. With pure and utter hatred for the enemy, Interitum was found to be exceptional at utterly brutalizing the enemy with methodical surgical strikes and orbital bombardments.

Deployed to reclaim a lost Blood-Raven “Chapter Relic,” Interitum single-mindedly purged 90% of hostiles in the first leg of the campaign. Yet rather than press the attack and deliver the killing blow, he mysteriously he built a stronghold for his Death-Watch troops and garrisoned it with Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Inquisitor Fleicher Barth Neumann commands these men while keeping in contact with Interitum and his flagship.

While responding to Mutant threats, contact and details about Interitum’s activity were sparse. The bulk of his Astartes forces had not been observed in the field, leaving the Stormtroopers to slowly purge what was left of the mutant threat. Rumors of a great excavation within the Death Watch stronghold had been suggested, however they remain unsubstantiated.

Without warning Interitum once again appeared on the battlefield wielding his Guardian Spear. He and his missing forces finished the crusade against the mutant overlords and the reclamation and seizure was considered a success. The weapon is rumored to have belonged to [INFORMATION REDACTED] but these rumors have not been proven.

Currently Interitum has been sent to investigate the lost contact with Imperial forces in the Pegasus Gulf. Due to his callous nature and his penchant for obfuscation, Interitum has been granted exclusive use of a trained Execution Force for infiltration and investigation, with the end result of extermination.

Having made contact with Imperial forces, Interitum has assessed the situation and has authorized a full mobilization to re-take the Pegasus Gulf. . .


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