This past Sunday was the kick-off for our Inquisimunda campaign. With a healthy compliment of players, we began with a special multi-player scenario called Hab Riot! I’ve included it at the end of the article, just in case you want to use it for your own campaign.


The best part of Inquisimunda is the sheer variety of gangs that emerge. For this battle, we had:

A Nobilist faction, seeking the pleasures of ultra-violence in the lower decks.

A crew of Void Pirates, sadistic and hungry for plunder.

A hoard of Mutants, ready to take revenge on the Imperial citizenry.

An Eldar Strike Team, with a mysterious purpose.

And an Imperial Guard Kill Team, trying to keep order the only way they know how!


Mutants crawl from the underdecks!
The Crew of the Petulant Child advance down a ransacked hallway.
The Nobilists check their weapons before heading into the fray.


Here is a short excerpt from the battle. . .


The signs of the riot were everywhere. Overturned fuel drums, broken hab doors, and scattered papers.

The air was thick with the smell of burnt flesh and rubber, though there were no obvious flames ahead. Far down the darkened corridor came a roar, an awful laugh, and the rushing sound of a flame thrower.

Out of the darkness came a cluster of five rioters, fistfuls of credit chips in their hands, joking and jostling one another.

The Sergeant briefly thumbed his chainsword; its noisy growl catching the looters’ attention. With his respirator dangling from his neck, he demanded their compliance.

“Listen up you void-scum! By the authority of the station master, I order you to drop the credit chips, lay on the floor, and put your hands on your heads! We will not hesitate to arrest you!”

The looters looked at the Sergeant briefly, burst into laughter, and began to walk away.

“Light ‘em up, Skip.” Muttered the Sergeant. A guardsman stepped forward, levelling the barrel of his flamer. One of the rioters looked over his shoulder, shrieked a warning to his fellows and tried to run, but it was too late. What the flamer didn’t finish, the Sergeant ripped apart with his chainsword.

With the rioters sufficiently under control, the Sergeant rallied the squad, who stood in a semicircle around the mangled corpses. One guardsmen spoke up.

“I thought we was s’posed to arrest them, Sarg?”

“This is mostly the same, Milty, replied the officer impatiently. We can still bring them back to HQ. Does anyone have a plastek bag-“

The Sergeant’s question was cut short by a flash of light and a high pitch whining sound. Hundreds of crystal shards exploded from the ground around them, and a mess of vicious cuts appeared across the Sergeant’s thighs and flak armour. Bleeding profusely, the squad dove into cover behind a large industrial pipe while one of the men ran screaming down the corridor.

“Frakdarnit Sarg! What in the hell’s goin’ on?” Wailed Trooper Skip.

“Damned if I know, Trooper, but Milty has the right idea. We gotta get out of here!”




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