Over hundreds of systems and with billions of lives, the Imperium has fought innumerable battles. At high cost, the Crusade is declared a success, and the combined might of the Imperium dissipates. In the aftermath, many of the major systems of the Pegasus Gulf find themselves under Imperial Rule. However, the enemies of the Imperium are never fully beaten, and there are whispers of an even greater threat on the horizon.


At the far edges of the Pegasus Gulf, the Imperium is unable to destroy the Ork strongholds. Worse still, their attempts to scour the Orks from their systems do little more than embolden them, and the few ships that return report a resurgence of Greenskins, including new and greater Waaaghs arriving from the outside the Gulf.


After the success of Imperial Agents and the Death Korp of Krieg on Ravenforge’s moon, the bulk of the Crusade arrived to smash the warring Xenos. The Necrons ground forces were pummeled by the fleet, while the Death Korp of Krieg made significant headway on the ground. Timely interventions of the Grey Knights and the Imperial Praetorians forced the Necrons below the surface of the planet. Though the Imperial forces consider them beaten, only time will tell.


On the storm planet, the war between the secessionist and loyalists comes to a close. Reinforced by the Adeptus Sororitas and the Flatlanders’ Brigade, the loyalist Knight Houses push back the secessionists, destroying the bulk of their armies. Showing incredible valour on the battlefield, there are rumours that the Knights of Tempest may pledge their allegiance to a newly formed Titan Legion.

The Andorheim Compact

With the impending crusade, the Eldar sought refuge in the Andorheim Compact. Some, such as the Dawnbringer Corsairs, aimed to profit from the militarily weak but economically wealthy systems. Others, such as the Drukhari Kabal of the Bloody Fang and the Cult of Three Ashes saw the systems as easy hunting grounds. However, between the guile of the Rogue Trader, the treachery of an Inquisitor, and the might of the Crusade, the Eldar were repulsed from the systems or forced into hiding.

The Hades Gate

Though the tear in reality still pulses and the Daemon World of the Black Reef grows ever stronger, the Chaos incursion has been stopped. For now.

The Ivory Rock

Largely ignored throughout the crusade, the Tau bide their time and build their forces, hoping to eventually establish a foothold farther into the Gulf. Yet as they prepare, they discover the splinter of a great and terrible Tyranid fleet, slowly creeping into the Gulf from the blackness of space.


Though they try valiantly, the Skitarii and the Space Marines of the Imperial Praetorians are unable to overcome the Tyranid Menace. Calling out to the warp, the Tyranids send a great psychic call to their kin. Astropaths and mystics across the Gulf wail in distress and die in their hundreds while Eldar farseers are filled with an impending sense of doom. The tendrils of the great devourer approach.



Statistics By Region

PERSEPHONE Imperium: 0 – Orks: 1

RAVENFORGE Imperium: 4 – Necrons: 0

TEMPEST Loyalists: 3 – Secessionists: 0

THE ANDORHEIM COMPACT Imperium: 3 – Eldar: 2

THE HADES GATE Imperium: 4 – Chaos: 3

THE IVORY ROCK Imperium: 0 – Tau: 0

ULYSSIA Imperium: 0 – Tyranids: 4

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