The Pegasus Club Gaming Club will occasionally run leagues. This page will list all current and active leagues

Current Leagues

2023 Leviathan Champion's League

League Type: Champion's
Run Time: October 1st to December 9th
Entry Fee: $10.00
Rules document: here
Name Faction
Alex Maxie Space Marines
Alexander Buchan Space Marines
Bob Realman Aeldari
Casey Stengler Chaos Daemons
Daniel Sexton Aeldari
David Wood Space Marines
Jordan Stengler Space Marines
Mike.R Aeldari
Morgan Smerek Thousand Sons
Nathan Sgrazzutti Chaos Space Marines
Neill Tourscher Space Marines
Sean Kernick Leagues of Votann
Zimmerman Adolph Grey Knights
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Matchups / Rivals for the Current Period

2023 Leviathan Champion's League

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