The Pegasus Club Gaming Club will occasionally run leagues. This page will list all current and active leagues

Reminder! There is nothing stopping you from joining multiple leagues!

Current Leagues

2021 Champion's League - 2000 points

League Type: Champion's
Run Time: July 11th to September 4th
Entry Fee: $10.00
Rules document: here
Name Faction Subfaction Points
Nathan Sgrazzutti Drukhari Kabal of the Black Heart 18
Alex Buchan Astra Militarum Catachan 16
Morgan Smerek Space Marines Ultramarines 16
Alex Maxie Adeptus Mechanicus Lucius 15
Anthony Richardson Drukhari Dhrazar/Blades for Hire 14
Colin Loire Necrons Relentless Expansionist; Eternal conquer 12
Joshua Paul Tyranids Kronos 12
Casey Stengler Death Guard Mortanion's Anvil 10
Mike Ruane Space Marines Space Wolves 9
Frasier Parry Death Guard Mortarion’s anvil 7
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2021 Escalation League - 1000 points

League Type: Escalation
Run Time: July 11th to September 4th
Entry Fee: $10.00
Rules document: here
Name Faction Subfaction Points
Justin Scherban Orks Evil Suns 39
Sean Hooper Astra Militarum Cadia 33
Yvan Fortier Necrons Novokh 22
Stephan de Montarnal Death Guard The ferryman 18
Avery Strong Adepta Sororitas Order of the Bloody Rose 17
Morgan Smerek Space Marines Ultrachads 15
Cass Sopp Orks Da Big Blue Waaagh! (Deathskullz) 14
Frasier Parry Death Guard Mortarion’s Anvil 13
Kent Nicolson Death Guard Mortarions Anvil 13
Austin Banilevic Death Guard The Ferrymen 12
Ethan Novak Necrons Rad-wreathed; Relentless Expansionist 11
Greg Linzmeyer Space Marines Blood Angels 11
Khoa Le Orks Deathskulls 11
Cauldin Kyle Tyranids Behemoth 9
Cody Akehurst Necrons Sautekh 8
James Skaalid Astra Militarum Cadian 8
Nathan Sgrazzutti Drukhari Kabal of the Black Heart 5
William Sherring Adepta Sororitas Order of Our Martyred Lady 1
Daniel Sexton Craftworlds Mobile Fighters; Students of Vaul 0
Tyler Hutchinson Chaos Space Marines Alpha Legion 0
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Matchups / Rivals for the Current Period

2021 Champion's League

Alex Buchan VS. Joshua Paul
Alex Buchan VS. Nathan Sgrazzutti
Alex Maxie VS. Frasier Parry
Alex Maxie VS. Morgan Smerek
Casey Stengler VS. Anthony Richardson
Casey Stengler VS. Colin Loire
Colin Loire VS. Morgan Smerek
Joshua Paul VS. Anthony Richardson
Mike Ruane VS. Frasier Parry
Mike Ruane VS. Nathan Sgrazzutti
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2021 Escalation League

Austin Banilevic VS. Greg Linzmeyer
Austin Banilevic VS. Sean Hooper
Avery Strong VS. Justin Scherban
Avery Strong VS. Yvan Fortier
Cass Sopp VS. Kent Nicolson
Cass Sopp VS. William Sherring
Cauldin Kyle VS. Kent Nicolson
Cauldin Kyle VS. Khoa Le
Cody Akehurst VS. Frasier Parry
Cody Akehurst VS. Morgan Smerek
Frasier Parry VS. Stephan de Montarnal
Greg Linzmeyer VS. William Sherring
James Skaalid VS. Sean Hooper
James Skaalid VS. Yvan Fortier
Justin Scherban VS. Morgan Smerek
Khoa Le VS. Stephan de Montarnal
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