“Still a bit used to being on the ship, Rodger?”

The Orange Bastard grilled one of his subordinates for a lacklustre performance. Rodger had taken roost on a catwalk alongside Krootalatops, however, the nimble Kroot had easily jumped to a better vantage point. Unwilling to take the risk, Rodger was stuck near the back and couldn’t draw a bead on the shifty guardsmen.

“I was just watching your back, boss. Making sure no one was sneaking up on you.” Rodger replied as he sharpened the jagged hook that had taken the place of his left hand some time ago. One of Buzzsnik’s pet squigs had gulped it down at the wrist.

“Oh Rodger. -I- do the sneaking. What I need you to do is be far more useful than those drones I made Fish sell or I’ll sell you to the same pervert that bought those flying plates.”

“My poor drones…” Anglerfish muttered as he adjusted his pulse rifle.

“I got shot dis lots uv times, boss, an dem umies couldn’t drop me. Maybe we should just vent dem Umies off of our crew an get some ded ‘ard boyz.” Buzzsnik piped up as Baldie and Rodger glared. Karkus, however, seemed unphased as his metal face offered little emotional content to the discussion.

“Phrasing Buzzsnik.” The Orange Bastard replied. What remained of his face was always struck in a trollish sneer. “I think the last thing I want around here is more dead, hard boys. If you want hardbody company, I’d suggest spending sometime with Gigantus’ crew.”

“This is the second time I’ve tasted their fear, master. . .” Meat cooed from behind his Captain. “They keep attacking us where we live. . . the commander fought very well. . .”

“Until I stomped on his throat….”

“Yes, Master. It was delectable. However the point remains . . . our position is tenuous between these Guardsmen and the Arbite Precinct . . . it may be time to hit them hard. So hard. . .”

“As . . . disgusting as you put that, Meat my boy, you have a point. Perhaps it’s time for a swat at that yarn. Perhaps it’s time to cook some lawmakers.”

Out of nowhere Karkus piped up.

“Their leader is dead. Devoured by the warp. Digested for centuries and seconds all at once.”

“Charming! Then let’s not waste an opportunity to kick them while their down!”

“And if the Guardsmen show up as well?” Anglerfish piped in.

“Then we call Gigantus and his crew to come lend us a hand. We curbstomp any prettyboy Imperial pig-lover we come across and we take their things for ourselves!”

“Ere’ Ere’!” Shouted Dakkablast. He lifted his faceplate and gargled down a giant mug of grog-swill as the crew roared in celebration of victory.

The Softest Meat, Karkus and the Orange Bastard advance under the hesitant watch of the traitorous Catachan.
Dakkablast is knocked off his feet by a blast from a flamer, while Baldy struggles to line up a shot. In the background, the Orange Bastard and The Softest Meat take on the Sergeant while Karkus superheats the promethium tanks carried by Socks the Gunner.

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