It had been months since the death korps of krieg 412 regiment made planet fall on heavensreach. Under the command of General Joffre and his second in command Major General Foch, the regiment worked day and night to prepare the world for siege. The men dug kilometres of trenches, fortified defensive positions, and laid mines in the millions. As the months passed, the surface of heavensreach transformed into a vast network of trenches and firing zones, creating a no-mans-land that branched out from the edges of the hive cities and crept across entire continents.


In the crew compartment of a centaur, General Joffre turned to his subordinate.

“Major General Foch – this has to be one of the best defence I have seen in years. Layers of trenches and heavy guns for kilometres. It is truly marvellous. I have meetings with a drop trooper named Lukas – apparently he has the power of an inquisitor, and claims command of the coming siege. Yet I feel as though he is untested. A hero like field marshal Macher would be better suited for command. . .”

Foch stood in the back of the light vehicle with his commander, wondering if Joffre would get his wish. It was doubtful that an Elysian would know how to conduct a proper siege. A krieg commander would be better suited.

“Sir, shouldn’t you ask to lead the defence? Your experience is overwhelming. The regiment has spent months fortifying this world . . . surely you are the most appropriate choice.”

“Foch – I am out ranked by Macher. Yet I do feel that he will understand if we act on our own initiative during the siege.”

Foch stared out into no mans land. Bright flashes lit the night sky as enemy transports landed beyond the range of their guns. Brighter lights still lit the upper atmosphere, as a war raged in heaven.

“We shall see sir. We shall see.”

Foch gave Joffre a strict salute and stepped off the centaur. He was ready to hold the front lines of the world. The Siege of heavensreach has begun, and Foch knew that the traitors and Xenos would pay for every inch in blood.

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