Deep within the moon of Ravenforge, a small group of explorers discovers a treasure trove of archeotech and otherworldly riches. Unfortunately for them, these caves and passages are the domain of a terrifying and hostile enemy. . .


Special event! This Sunday! March 19th!


Mission Rules

  • Players will use a maximum of 40 points of their force.
  • This mission will not count towards your total games of the week.
  • Players will deploy a set distance away from one another; this distance will be determined by the number of players.
  • Hiding distance/rules will be reduced or altered for this mission, depending on deployment size.
  • Squads during this mission deploy normally, but each model in a squad may act as a single unit.
  • “Crates” will be scattered across the board. Players will attempt to collect these grates to gain bonus RP, as well as renown and relics.
  • Crate types will be in 3 values. “Level 1” crates will have the least value, but be easier to acquire.
  • Players must take a “crate” to any table edge to claim it. The unit carrying the crate will also be removed.
  • “NPC” opponents will also be patrolling the board, opposing the players at every turn. Players have the option to work together to gain better loot, or run solo to gain as much as possible for themselves. Be warned that the “NPC” opponents will increase every turn until all crates are claimed or all player models are removed.
  • Be careful of your unit choices, as the “NPCs” have a big trick up their sleeves.

More Information will be given during the Mission.

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