This Sunday (March 5th) at Tramps, our next Kill Team campaign begins!

We are using the Heralds of Ruin Kill Team Expansion ruleset!


A titanic conflict engulfs Ravenforge . . .


Hive Fleet Titan has been freed! The great devourer fights back against its enslavers, the forces of the Merenrakha Dynasty, who now fight to exterminate it. As the battle rages and the combatants become distracted, opportunistic forces converge to exploit this weakness and control the system.

On the moon of Ravenforge there once stood a mighty Ork fortress, rumored to have a Cannon that could pull whole ships across the heavens. Such a weapon could tip the balance in favor of its wielder, driving the Necrons from the system, or destroying the Tyranids once and for all! 

With the Necron forces distracted, now is the time to strike!

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