Leader Profile: Lord Farquaad

Once an army general with high economic and military influence, Lord Farquaad has been banished from his home world for performing horrific medical tests on the unwilling citizens of Primus IV.

Farquaad’s medical program, known as the Iron Warrior Initiative, was funded by the Flatlanders’ Brigade. The program sought to rectify and prevent the adverse effects caused from Primus IV’s toxic environment and air on the planet’s soldiers.

The program proved successful. Using a plethora of injected steroids and serums, the subjects could survive and perform tasks without the need for the protective coats worn by citizens of Primus IV. However, the massive amounts of steroids used resulted in subjects morphing into horrific monstrosities. Despite these side effects, the subjects could perform acts of strength and combat that outperformed that of even a mighty space marine.

Although the tests proved successful, the costs of producing such warriors would render the program obsolete. Additionally, the unethical prospects along with the hideous outcome of the medical tests could potentially threaten the public view of the Flatlanders’ Brigade. Hoping to rid themselves of Lord Farquad and free themselves from complications of the program, the Brigade leaked the top-secret workings of the Iron Warriors Initiative to the public and blamed Farquaad for unethical medical practice. Massed hysteria broke out and rumours spread catalyzed by the hideous appearance of the test subjects. The backlash from the citizens of Primus IV was so severe that Farquaad faced execution charges.

But due to the priceless nature of Lord Farquaad’s warriors and the program’s potential, the Flatlanders’ Brigade made a deal with Farquaad; Instead of seeking funding from the Brigade, Farquaad was to use his new warriors to raid nearby space lanes for money to support his research. Farquaad would remain alive and continue his research while the Flatlanders’ Brigade’s untarnished reputation would be upheld.

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