In the depths of Domilcus Station. . . .

“One hundred meters from the signal. Contact the captain – we are about to make contact with the object.” The elevator slowly descended into the vault. Lights flickered; the stench of rotting corpse filled the air.

“Search the area! Kill anyone you find!” The team spread out, dried blood caked the walls and floors. Mangled corpses lay in piles. “Think the chosen ones were here? Almost looks like their work.” One man stood before the vault door. “I’ll attempt to get this open. Form up on me; there’s nothing here.”

The squad regrouped before the vault door. “Hey where is Gerald? He had better not be messing around at a time like this!” Stepping back towards the elevator, one squad member shouted “GERALD, YOU DOUBLE TIME IT RIGHT NOW OR ELS…” A brief shadow figure engulfed the man, vanishing into the floor and crushing his body. All that remained was blood and gristle.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Shouted the leader. “WHAT THE HELL IS DOWN HERE? HURRY UP AND GET THIS DOOR OPEN!” The remainder of the squad took up a firing position. Fear gripped the men as every sound in the dark brought images of beasts and demons.

“I got it! Quick! Get inside everyone!” They rushed in, locking the door behind them. Before them sat a strange device, clearly of inhuman origin. “That orb there! That is the source of the signal! Quickly! Grab it and let’s get out of here! ”


On the outskirts of the station’s old and unused defence networks. . .

A fleet of vessels patrolled the area, composed of rogue traders and pirates seeking to protect their holdings on Domilcus Station. Many were former Imperial Navy, captains who had fled into the void as the Gulf crumbled around them.

“They think they can just waltz into MY STATION and take MY GOODS? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE! I CONTROL THIS AREA OF SPACE AND I WILL SHOW THEM WHO IS KING AROUND HERE? Not even the battlefleets around Heavensreach DARE to cross my space! Then these interlopers come shooting up the place.” The pirate captain paced around the bridge, yelling his threats at quivering crew.

”Um, captain sir?” An ensign waved him over to a view screen. “What is it? CAN’T YOU SEE I AM RANTING HERE!” The ensign pointed towards a blip on the screen. “A signal just appeared within our scanners, sir. It came out of nowhere!” “Impossible! Nothing can just appear! Is there no warp signal?” The ensign looked at the screen, confused. “It’s moving to intercept us sir.” The captain walked over to his chair. “General quarters! Order the fleet to attack formation! We will destroy whatever fool has gotten in our way!”

In the blink of an idea the signal disappeared off sensors, only to reappear within sight of the pirate fleet. The captain stared at the crescent shaped vessel, lined in crimson and gold. “What kind of xeno vessel is tha…” Streaks of green light erupt from the vessel, striking at all vessels in range. In mere moments, the entirety of the pirate battlefleet was nothing more than a debris field.


Aboard the mysterious vessel. . .

“Phearon Denesai, the primitives have been swept away and the Canopteks have found where the Eldar hid the transmitter.” “Prepare my boarding party Anubaraka, I will reclaim what those thieves stole. Bring the Carrion within striking distance of this primitive hovel.”


Back on Domilcus Station. . . .

“The captain is on his way! Hold the room until they arrive to extract us!”

The lights flickered, and darkness enveloped the room. “Someone get these lights back on! I can’t see a damn thing in here.” A scream echoed in the room as heavy metallic footsteps surrounded the security team.

“Foolish primitive, you will not stand in our way!” For a mere second the man caught a glimpse of the towering crimson monster, his scythe glowing an eerie green as he brought it down upon him. “Make ready to phase back to the Carrion! Secure the transmitter.” The sounds of twisting metal erupted in the room as the door gave way. “It would appear the primitives also seek our prize. Guards, defend the entrance while we make our preparations!”


Denesai laid inside his reanimation chamber onboard the Carrion, a small portion of his body showing evidence of plasma scorching along with numerous other scars. “Anubaraka, forget the destruction of this hovel. The fools deactivated the transmitter, and we must return to the crown world immediately before the brutes can figure out that we no longer control them.” The Carrion moved away from Domilcus Station, quickly accelerating before disappearing from all sensors.

In orbit of raven forge, Denesai discovered that they were too late. “My lord, the beasts run rampant across the surface and our fleets are engaged in point blank combat, what are your orders?” Denesai stood up from his chamber gazing towards the ongoing battle as Necron and Tyranid fleets fought bitterly.

“Take me to the Alpha beast, I will kill it myself along with the rest of its kind. Once and for all.”


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