And with a nail-biting, special scenario, the Domilcus Station kill team campaign comes to a close!

The top ranking teams were:

  • The Kumiho Infiltration┬áTeam
  • The Order of the Blessed Trinity
  • The Heavensreach Underhive Expedition

Stay tuned for the next campaign: Slaves Unchained!

Below are a few images from the final, desperate battle for the centre of the station!

An Ultramarine terminator surprises a squad of Cadians. Little did he know about their S3, AP- weapons!
Cadians appear suddenly behind the Necrons! What stealth!
The survivors regroup, then continue the carnage!
The remaining teams rush to capture the prize from the invading Necron forces!
Three forces engage in a deadly, close range firefight!
The brutal melee continues!
The Cadians are surprised by infiltrators!
The situation becomes desperate as six different teams converge!

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