The struggle for the Black Reef reaches its titanic climax. Forces converge from across the artificial world, clashing in an apocalyptic battle. . .


The battlefield was truly of unimaginable scale. The flash of weaponry the size of buildings lit up the skies of the smoky plains of war. The report of a Shadowsword firing was followed by the massive tumbling of a beastly machine, a total affront to the machine god. As the titanic creation fell to the ground, scores of infantry were annihilated. The battle was truly apocalyptic.

Through it all, there was a lonely warrior, clad in a massive suit of armour made for one. The Sword of Light. This single man bolted across the field as the avatar of death, his Graviton Singularity Cannon firing into the distance. Against him were arrayed a vast enemy force, consisting of many things. Traitors, xenos, even fallen angels; the Chaos Space Marines themselves.

Across from the Sword of Light stood the disgustingly elegant devices of the Eldar. Before the knight stood one of their great titans, designated a revenant class. With cover from the Warlord Class Titan, Imperius Volcanus, behind him and support from the knightly House of Vymair, to his flank, the Sword of Light would see it done.

But the great Warlord Titan was damaged harshly, and forced to fall back. House Vymair was disintegrated by the Xenos weaponry, gone in flashes of bright light, their ion shields falling under such awful power. The Sword of Light was alone. But even a knight alone was a threat to be reckoned with. A full tilt sprint, throwing all caution to the wind, would see the vast machine flash across the field to its prey.

As he pounded across the field, the machine spirit thrumming with the thought of a fresh kill, the Sword of Light crossed over the tainted lands and up onto a great altar to the dark gods themselves. The feeling was sickening, and made ever worse by a counterattack from a fresh xenos abomination. One of the feared Wraithknights charged towards the Imperial Knight, sword held high ready to strike a killing blow. But the alien construct underestimated his opponent. The elegant xenos device made a fatal flaw, and with just a slight pivot, the Sword of Light struck. His epic lascutter blasting to life, the knight sidestepped the alien blade and brought down his own weapon of death. He cleaved the wretched machine in half, from shoulder to hip, before raising a heavy foot and kicking it to the ground.

Now the way was clear. The Sword of Light broke into a full tilt sprint up the altar. Before him the Eldar Titan was weak from constant fire. It was smoking, it reeked of weakness, and now the Sword of Light would claim its kill. Using the Altar as a leaping point, the knight pushed off with both powerful legs, and flung itself through the air towards his prey. Thousands of tons of adamantine put incredible force behind the blow. When the two made contact, alien bone met Imperial steel. In any contest of mettle and attrition, the Imperium will always triumph.

The Sword of Light’s faceplate slammed into the Revenants chest plate and forced it backwards, off its feet and onto its back. The ground heaved and shook. The Sword of Light landed on top of the titanic vehicle, planting one upon its alien chest. He raised his superheated sword, and cleaved the xenos titan’s head from its body.

The battle still raged, the imperial forces took heavy casualties, but in the end, the Imperial Standard and the flags of Krieg flew over the traitor’s fortress. The traitor titans had fallen to imperial retribution, and the Sword of Light stood, blade held high, one foot planted solid on the earth below him, the other standing atop the beheaded chassis of the alien titan. The Imperials may have lost the world, but this day, the Sword of Light had claimed its prize, and no one would deny him that.

Two titans killed to his name. The Emperor would be proud.


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