Personal Log of Herodotus Dauchus
Ordo Scriptorum
4 056 025.M42

Orwellus Spire – Heavensreach Prime


Portentia has nearly fallen! Despite valiant rear-guard actions by the Imperial Praetorian Space Marine Chapter and a determined last stand by the Death Korp, the garrison is reeling.

Drawn by the mass slaughter inflicted by the Tyranid menace and the agents of dark gods, there are reports of greenskins and even ancient Necron warriors travelling the surface of the silver planet. Tales of heroic charges against strange alien pyramids and a few glowing victories for the defenders will provide worthy entries for the book of martyrs, but the broader tactical situation is dire.

Alongside the largest battles, Inquisitorial agents have discovered a growing infestation. Despite the Emperor’s most burning gaze, traitorous citizens have given themselves to the ruinous powers, claiming to worship an ancient warrior who called himself Lord Flubulus. Though kill teams have been dispatched to clean out known   cultist hotspots, more are discovered every day. It would seem that the very air of Kasr Ferocia is inspiring their betrayals, and corrupt preachers have been reported on all levels of the hive slum.

Though the systems tactical situation is grim, my own mission is progressing rapidly. The Order of the Blessed Trinity, warriors of the Adepta Sororitas, has pledge to aid us in protecting our most sacred volumes. Canoness Graile, their leader, vows to guard our relic sites, freeing up the compiler-militant to search more widely.

“Guard yourself against the alien, in all his vile forms.”


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