Personal Log of Herodotus Dauchus
Ordo Scriptorum
4 056 167.M42

Orwellus Spire – Heavensreach Prime


The Compiler Militant have secured the most holy of documents, and now work to transport strategic documents to the spaceport on Kasr Ferocia. We have requisitioned sixteen refugee shuttles for this purpose, and though we will pray to the Emperor for these poor souls’ deliverance, the Imperium’s trade manifests and production logs are vital.

Reports from the front conclude that Vesper and Portentia are lost. The last bastions of resistance have fallen, and the fate of the population is unknown.

On Spira Castellum and Antigone, Imperial forces still remain, though they are hard pressed and continue to lose ground. The generals and commissars on Kasr Ferocia maintain that these are tactical retreats and strategic withdrawals, but the massacres and the vigils held in the hall of martyrs tell otherwise. I have sent my acolytes to record their stories, in the hopes that the lost regiments will live in.

Though Imperial forces on Kasr Ferocia have complete control of the chemical swamps and the squalid vastness of the hive, sensors report massing fleets in orbit, either fighting amongst themselves, massing for a ground assault, or more likely both.

Emperor protect us.

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