The Crusade draws to a close! Thousands of battles have been fought on scores of worlds! Every faction converges for a terrifying battle to end all battles! Imperial against secessionist! Eldar against Chaos! Tau against Tyranid! With plots within plots, each combatant will struggle to finally gain the upper hand!

Will this clash of titanic force be the turning point for the entire crusade, bringing the Emperor’s light back the Gulf? Or will the Imperium finally break like a wave against the rocks?

The only sure winner is Khorne, for he accepts all skulls laid before his throne!


One June 18th, we will be having an Apocalypse Game to cap off our latest campaign!

All players are welcome, even if you didn’t play in the campaign.

Check out the event here. Please sign up on Facebook so we can gauge numbers ahead of time.

Before battle, please read the mission.

Players will be divided into two teams, with a focus on balancing the number of superheavies and D weapons.

Each player should bring 3,000 points of a single faction. If you don’t have enough, we may be able to compensate by adding extra points to another player on your team.


This will likely be our last Apocalypse game for 7th edition! Come on out and end it with an (apocalyptic) bang!

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