By all reports the war was going poorly. There had been no contact from Portentia or Vesper for a couple days and everyone in the war council on Heavensreach now assumed they were lost. Lukas was especially worried, as the 4th and 5th companies of his firebirds were deployed on Portentia and both entire companies were now missing in action.

The only good news anyone had received for a while had been the reports of general machers many victories in repelling the invaders from Kasr Ferocia itself.

“Sirs!” A messenger cried, rushing into the room, coming to attention.
“Report,” Lukas replied.
“We have located the invaders final forces in the kasr!”
“Excellent!” Lukas cried, “alert the 3rd regiment, were clearing the traitorous bastards from heavensreach!”

Hours later, the full force of the 3rd regiment the 399th Elysian drop troops was airborne over their target.

“LZ’s hot, colonel.” His pilot reported. The enemy was crawling all over this sector of the hive. Their earlier planet fall allowing them to pull in columns of vehicles and legions of troops. Most had been turned away by general Macher, but this final force was holed up inside the hive itself, and could not be sieged out by conventional methods.

“Give me a status report on our auxiliary forces!” Lukas demanded.
“Strike teams of dark angels standing by, sir. “ The voxnet crackled to life in response to his words. “They report contact in 3 minutes. The Spearhead of knights is awaiting orders to breach the walls.”

“Give them the all clear” he replied. Moments later he heard the crash of the mighty war machines crashing into the enemy.


Lukas surveyed the battlefield from his Valkyrie. Still hovering over the remains of the fallen enemy. Two of the smaller knights lay in smoking ruins, and bodies of friendlies lay strewn across the battlefield, but their enemy was vanquished. The last of the invaders had been pushed from the surface of Heavensreach.

“Now to turn our efforts on Spira Castellum.” Lukas mused aloud, “Vesper and Portentia are lost to us, let us not lose the Spira as well.”

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